The Dot Award for Digital Literature was created in 2015 in memory of writer, designer and silver surfer Dorothy Meade.

Judged by the IF:BOOK UK trustees, the 2016 winner was J.R. Carpenter for a proposed work about the wind. In 2017 she was awarded The New Media Writing Prize, donated by if:book, for The Gathering Cloud

See more of her beautiful work at www.luckysoap.com

The 2017 winner of the Dot Award is Theodoros Chiotis.

Theodoros writes poetry and code poetry in Greek and English. He is the editor and translator of the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins, 2015). His work has appeared in many print and online magazines and anthologies in Greece, the UK, Australia and elsewhere. He has translated contemporary British and American poets into Greek and classical Greek drama into English. His forthcoming collection called Theory of the Machine (2017) is partially based on material sourced by twitter bots, google searches, computer generated poetry. He has written extensively on digital literature, has published a series of code poems and code-inspired poetry in various journals and anthologies and has written hypertexts for educational use. He has presented his digital literary projects at the E-Poetry Festival in London in 2013 and at the Globe Road Festival in London in 2015. He was the concept designer of the HackTheBook Festival at the Onassis Culture Centre in Athens in early 2016 and is currently co-curating the Digital Wednesdays series of talks at the OCC. He lives in Athens and works as the Project Manager of the Cavafy Archive (Onassis Foundation).

A few words on the project:

“I am interested in developing a mixed media performance which will attempt to consider the evolution of autobiographical narrative in real time. The project will be time-based and will unfold throughout a whole year. The autobiographical narrative will incorporate human and machine-generated narrative (sourced from gps-tracked itineraries, health-tracking apps, search engine histories, data derived from digital media such as audio and video recordings and their attendant metadata, as well as personal notes and reflections) in an attempt to reconsider how autobiographical narrative becomes a narrative in putting together and performing an archive of the self. This will be an ongoing mixed media performance that will chronicle the subject’s data-centric relationship with the world and itself; the purpose of the work is to understand how big data impacts on the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Will this be a Foucauldian nightmare of self-surveillance? How do algorithms change the perception of ourselves? The data and media material amassed from the year-long performance will be uploaded on a digital repository. The award will give me an opportunity to allow me to pay a small fee towards the hosting of the project.”

For more on the prizes go to www.newmediawritingprize.co.uk

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