This is the home of if:book, the charitable company exploring digital possibilities for literature and the future of the book, run by transmedia writer Chris Meade.

IF:BOOK UK supports the annual New Media Writing Prize run by Bournemouth University, and this year launched The Dot Award for Digital Literature, given to a writer for proposed new work using the web in creative and collaborative ways. It was won by J R Carpenter, author of City Fish, for a proposed work on weather and wind.


JR Carpenter describes her project. Photo: Lisa Gee

IF:BOOK UK is a think and do tank linked to Bob Stein’s  Institute for The Future of the Book in New York and  if:book Australia, based in Brisbane. Based in Hornsey, London N8, if:book is an associate of the Free Word Centre in Farringdon. 

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Since if:book UK was founded in 2007, we’ve been at the forefront of debate about the future of the book, appearing on the media, blogging at, writing and speaking at conferences around the UK and the world, hosting salons and workshops, judging prizes.

NEARLYOLOGY.NET is the home of the Nearlyology Project and WHAT DIDN’T QUITE, a transmedia fiction by Chris Meade and THE IFSO BAND

THE IFSO PRESS is our changing online menu of great reading commissioned or recommended by if:book. Authors we’ve worked with include David Almond, Naomi Alderman, Cory Doctorow, Daljit Nagra, Kate Pullinger, Saradha Soobrayen.. and many more.

Nearly Gathering in Bath with if:book Collaborative Writer in Residence, Luke Roberts and Kayt Lackie